Please view the links that have been included in your school email. You will click the link which will take you to a site that has all of your children’s photos for viewing. You will need to click on the photograph to view the file number. That file number needs to be inserted into the appropriate spot on the form when ordering otherwise I will not know who your child is or which to order. All photos you order will be cropped down to fit the form from the ordering company (it it is possible it will be cropped slightly different then what you are seeing on the page Also If the background looks incomplete it will be filled in. You will order through this website here under the order form page. Late orders willl have a $25.00 late processing fee. Date to order by is October 10, 2019. *** Please read the below statement as well it will also be on the checkout page***

***The website uses stripe + PayPal to complete your purchase, I do not collect your personal information/credit card information and it is used by them/their security and by completing the order you acknowledge that for privacy + security reasons.***